0 Shade and Light prologue



Iwas sent to execute them.

To destroy a friend's spirit, who broke the law and to kill his woman who has bred a bastard by him. For months, we followed their trace with Shade but eventually They found them. So I had to hurry to see this guilty family alive.

On my way to the dark peaks, I was wondering, whether there is something more cruel than the underworld's laws. Is there anything more soulless than bring distruction to an innocent infant and damnation to two parents, who broke the rules for each other?

No, there isn't! And this is why the emotions raged within me unmercifully. An angel who came to kill an innocent... Here, I was the biggest monster, so I knew I can't be taken by surprise.

The command has led me to a cave. The bloody-faced hellboys stepped out from the entrance without guilt. I saw, we arrived too late - Even if I would wanted to save them, I couldn't do anything now.

- We're done here. The child is yours.

- Stop! - I mutterd to my escort, I did not want him to finish what my fate intended for me. - I'll take care of it

The ice-cold waft of death already permeated the cave. The smell of rotting flash among the bones and the burning rags spread all through the bleak rock groove.

The demons had done a dirty work - the cleaning up is always left for us. Seeing through the eyes of a mortal, I could not understand who is capable of such a brutal murder.

- Forgive me, my Friend!

I'm late. I would had to come sooner to not let them get into the hands of the demons. It would have been more honorable if they're get killed by a sentient creature, but the demons are killed cruelty, with shame.

As I looked around the cave, I saw, that they were hiding here for a long time. A hunted family that found shelter for a short time in this damp and bare place. Scratches on a rock wall... The well-known handwriting is a message to someone and only an Unearthly can understand it. I ran through it with my fingers, but I didn't have much time. I was looking for the child so that my long, sad mission finally has come to an end.

To behold her at first was like seeing a pidgeon as it's flying above the clouds. A tiny body, which was probably even lighter than a feather. Her parents wrapped a white veil around her and hid her behind a rock to protect the child from the evil. The evil from which I wasn't different. She was lying on the sharp rocks and when I stood over her, it wasn't a bastard what I saw, it was only a helpless child, who was born to the wrong world. But her eyes... told everything.

I knew looks can be deceiving, She's more than a child, and more evil can not live in this filthy world. I forced myself, unsheathed my sword, a sweep, and the blade is at her throat, to separate the head from the weak body, but then her eyes... suddenly changed. An Icy-blue glance stopped the sword in my hand. I left only a scar on her neck - Her skin was softer, than the ones I finished.

Her glance terrified me. I haven't see like that in my whole existance. Something different, something rare and special creature lied at my feet. A being, that myths are told about up there, and who is a danger to both species. It is disgrace to our race, that an angel's pure blood mixes with filth.

Still, I saw only a child infront of my eyes. She wasn't older, than a few months, and felt so small and weak as she laid on my hands, as her eyes sparkled, she seemed so vulnerable compared to our great strength. The blood flowed from her neck, but she did not cry, just like any other baby would. She was not afraid! This child was brave, and that courage brought a bitter smile to my face.

The law, which sent me here, gives the right to live to every race. It gives the right to prove themselves if they're worthy to die, or to exist. She was only a living being, too... whatever she is, only a creature, who can not help that her blood is not pure.

Demons have entered the cave with my escorts; angels and demons allied with eachother only because of Them. Enemies teamed to destroy the sinners.

I knew I must do it. But I stabbed my sword into a demon's heart... instead of the child's.


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